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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Jun 5, 2009

News that Vince Shlomi, aka the "Slap Chop guy" or the "Sham Wow guy," was arrested for felony battery when a game of slap and tickle with a Miami prostitute turned violent, prompted DJDeedle to take some liberties with Slap Chop guy's infomercial.  Actually, DJDeedle took liberties with a youtube spoof, Slap Rap Featuring Vince (Slapchop Remix), that takes its own liberties with that famous infomercial to hilarious effect.  This show also features a musical take on Christian Bale getting slap happy himself and throwing a superstar sized tantrum.   DJDeedle strenuously opposes and abjures violence of any kind, particularly by infomercial and film stars with inflated egos.  So, this week, let's all get a little slap happy at their expense.