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Rock Steady

Aug 29, 2008

Now that the country at long last has begun to come to it senses, two sensible and fair-minded states in the union have decided, at least for the time being, that marriage should not be restricted solely to people like Britney Spears and strangers who met the day before on a reality television show.  You know, heterosexuals.  This sudden unexpected moment of openmindedness, although limited to two states and the always sensible Canada, has given gays and lesbians the urge to make solemn what long before had to remain secret, and more recently, less secret, but unsolemnized and unrecognized by the civil authorities. 

Two couples who are dear friends of your humble DJ have chosen to do just that: make it solemn, and make it legal (void where prohibited, some restrictions apply, see store for details).  This week's Deedlecast is a salute to these rock steady couples, and others like them, who comprise the new Rock Steady Group.  Cheers and mazal tov!   Dale and Kevin, Matt and Alex, DJDeedle wishes you many years of health and happiness.