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May 11, 2007

The 80's live again on Deedlecast, thanks to the folks at Born Again 80's.  The kind folks at Born Again 80's are a fantastic resource for extended mixes and unique remixes of your favorite 80's tunes, and have become a regular stop for DJDeedle's musical research.  

DJDeedle reminds you that, though "popping" collars on your polo shirt, and stacking polos were both popular in the 1980's, so were Ronald Reagan, star wars defense systems, trickle-down economics, and soaring deficits -- all bad ideas in retrospect.

DJDeedle kindly requests that you save the polo stacking, collar popping, pant leg pegging, and Reagan worship for 80s theme parties.

More of DJDeedle's thoughts on the evils of collar popping can be found at:  

Fashion Faux Pas, dé-jà vu

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