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Oct 22, 2010


Some say it's the not the destination that counts, but the journey.  With air transportation the way it is these days -- cramped, uncomfortable, rude, humiliating -- it really has become almost impossible to enjoy the journey.  This week, with the right inflight entertainment, the journey is a delight. 

So sit back, put the headphones on (drowning out the crying baby noise), pretend you have leg room, ignore the kid kicking the back of your 17.2 inch wide middle seat, forget how much you paid for that crappy seat, close your eyes, and enjoy the ride.

A reminder, while flying Deedlecast Airlines, federal law requires that you obey all DJDeedle's instructions!  So, for the duration of this flight, forget the hassles of air travel, the delays, the cancellations, the missed connections, and just enjoy the "Inflight Entertainment."