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Jun 14, 2008

DJDeedle loves the summer, but it's only the second week of June and already the summer's become cruel.  Happily, DJDeedle's longtime friend, and an extremely talented musician, Walter knows how to take Deedle's mind off the heat.  Walter is acquainted with not just DJDeedle, but other more bona fide musicians, and took the liberty of forwarding his Brion's mix/remix of Sean Paul's unreleased "Me Luv."  Of course, Deedle couldn't help himself and presents "I Am Me Cruel Summer Love," comprised of Brion's  "Me Luv" (with Sean Paul) v. Massive Attack's "I Am" v. Ace of Base's "Cruel Summer".

Many thanks, Brion, Walter, and, of course, Sean Paul.  When "Me Luv" is released, please buy it!