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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Dec 20, 2006

In order to maximize your holiday joy, I've decided to post this a little early.  Deedlecast will return to its regular schedule on Friday the 29th. 

Fruitcakes are an amalgamation and conglomeration of all kinds of things, some of which should never be placed in or near a cake.  This Deedlecast is an amalgamation and conglomeration of holiday music and all kinds of unlikely tunes that you'd never have thought belonged together.

Unlike a fruitcake, however, you'll want to experience this mix over and over again and share it with friends and family. Like fruitcake, though, you'll want to avoid putting this Deedlecast in your mouth if you can help it. 

Caution:  Those who have an allergy to holidays may find that this Deedlecast may cause you to enjoy the holidays . . . even if just a little bit. 

Program Notes:

Don't miss Deedlecast Live! at the Duplex Diner

Saturday, December 23 - 9:00pm until closing


Saturday, December 30 - 9:00pm until closing