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Dec 18, 2010


It's no secret that DJDeedle is a "Whovian"  (a big "Doctor Who" fan, for those of you non-Whovians).  That's one reason he's so excited that BBC America has decided to air the annual Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas Day-- the same day it airs in the UK!  A ripping good present for the holiday.  DJDeedle's so excited, in fact, that he wants to share his joy and anticipation with his loyal listeners by airing a special single mashup.  A little Whovian Christmas cracker, if you will.

This single is a DJDeedle original mashup of Basement Jaxx' thumping new single, "Dracula," and the Doctor Who Theme (Mood Version) by Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire, both sewn together by DJDeedle, and decorated with various Doctor Who sounds and effects from DJDeedle's Whovian library. 

If you love Doctor Who like DJDeedle does, check out "Travel by Tardis," an unusual Deedlecast from April 13, 2007.

Happy holidays, whovians and non-whovians alike!