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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Deedlecast on Your iPhone or iPad

Jul 19, 2011

Android owners aren't the only ones lucky enough to be able to get their Deedlecast on their handheld devices.  Deedlecast is also available via an iOS app for your iPhone or iPad.

Simply download the free Podcast Box App at

In the list of "Featured" shows, find Deedlecast, and select it to subscribe.  Unfortunately, as with the Android app, the developers and, in this case Apple, require that the subscription cost $1.99.  DJDeedle doesn't see a dime of this, but hopes you will be willing to spring for it to have Deedlecast delivered to your device weekly.  

The app contains the following additional features:

  • Streaming access to play episodes from anywhere
  • Always updated with the latest episodes- and an archived back catalog
  • Playback resume (when interrupted by a call or other distraction)
  • Access to exclusive extras like PDFs, wallpapers, and bonus content
  • Quick access to all the contact methods for the show like call, email, web, Facebook, and Twitter

As with the Android app, iOS app owners get don't have to wait until Friday to face the music. All apps receive the weekly show on Thursday at 1:00AM.