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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Mar 17, 2006

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Last week featured the easygoing music of one of my favorites, Alex C. This week, I've chosen another of my favorite bootleggers, Mark Vidler, of Go Home Productions (GHP). Mark Vidler is a professional sound enginer and dj, and you can tell that instantly from his technical skill and the clear and produced sound of his finished product. One of Vidler's particular talents is the mixing of a wide array of popular music with almost universally recognized classic rock guitar riffs and beats.


This is a rock show. So there are a couple of rude words in this mix, albeit almost imperceptible.

Part of the fun of listening to mashups and bootlegs is playing "name that tune" with all the different songs mixed in. Here is the answer key for this podcast:


  1. Juicebox Rock (Peaches / The Strokes / Theme From The Munsters)
  2. Ray of Gob (Madonna / Sex Pistols)
  3. Crazy Little Fool (Beatles / Queen)
  4. Who Fooled Kylie (Kylie / The Who)
  5. I Can See for Miles (The Who (GHP Brighton Breaks remix))
  6. YazU2 (Yaz / U2)
  7. Ultrathin (Ultra Nate / Thin Lizzy Free / Jailbreak)
  8. Paperback Believer (The Beatles / The Monkees)