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Mar 16, 2006


The long suffering one purchased the soundtrack to "Brokeback Mountain" on Itunes the other day. The album has seven achingly beautiful guitar songs by Gustavo Santaolalla. If you've seen the film, you know that Santaolalla's pieces play as vital a role as the Wyoming (actually Alberta) landscape in setting the mood. The music, like the scenery, was almost a character in the film.

So the long suffering one asks, "DJDeedle! Will you mix these seven Gustavo Santaolalla songs together into one mix of about ten or so minutes?" The songs are so sparse, and so melodically simple, that they were not difficult to sew and dub together into a seamless, thematic mix. With a few suggestions from the long suffering one that only made the mix even better, I present another off-the-Friday-cycle Deedlecast. I wanted to hold on to this Deedlecast for awhile, but just couldn't wait for you to hear it, dear loyal listeners! Consider it a bonus for subscribing or checking back often.

As always, if you enjoy DJDeedle's interpretation of these beautiful songs, please support the original artists by purchasing the entire album. (Tower Records is but one of the wonderful places to buy "Brokeback Mountain (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack).

DJDeedle cares about his small, but devoted, audience. Remember, the comment button is always available for you to provide feedback.