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DJDeedle presents Deedlecast, the best mashup, remix, and retro-future sound.

Jun 26, 2009

Ian Fleming's James Bond is not the most complex of characters.  But the franchise of films has given us some of our most memorable cinematic moments and cultural clichés.  Time marches on for everyone but James Bond, who never seems to get older (except for that unfortunate return of Sean Connery at 53 in Never Say Never Again).  The Bond fighting megalomaniac billionaires and malevolent governments in 2009 hasn't changed much since Dr. No (1962) and From Russia with Love (1963), though the world has changed drastically from those Cold War Ian Fleming days.  The whole Bond milieu is a parallax, where the character of James Bond is an almost fixed point with the world moving rapidly around him. 

This week, DJDeedle takes some of the iconic Bond themes and sounds as his fixed point and moves the musical world rapidly around them.  And because going to the movies just isn't the same without it, if you listen carefully, DJDeedle's even thrown in the popcorn. 

A word of warning:  This Deedlecast contains some rude words, for your ears only.

NOTE:  This Deedlecast was featured on the synth and electronic music site, Synthopia - the place for synth and electronic music news.  Check it out: