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What the hell is a "hipster?" DJDeedle freely admits to not knowing precisely what a hipster is.  But, perhaps this may be forgiven as hipsters don't seem to know either. From DJDeedle's decidely square perspective, hipsterism appears to be centered mainly around not being "mainstream" (whatever that means), creating a unique appearance, and a desire to be interesting and different. This focus on non-conformity merely for the sake of non-conformity introduces a genuine irony.  By not conforming in such similar ways, hipsters are conforming to a now mainstream and cliched stereotype of, well, a hipster.

One aspect of hipsterism that DJDeedle does understand, however, is the appropriation and use of objects, cliches, and symbols redolent of other eras and cultures for artistic or expressive purposes. DJDeedle hopes that this week's clash of hip-hop against pop, indie, classic rock, etc. will entertain and delight hipsters and squares alike.

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Occupying the spectrum between 1,800–30,000 kHz, shortwave radio is ideal for long distance communication because the radio waves are reflected back to Earth from the ionosphere, allowing communication around the curve of the Earth.  This week, DJDeedle has taken control of this dynamic slice of frequencies to bring you a most amazing mix of shortwave sound.  So, no matter where you are on the planet, you're in "Shortwave" range. 

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They say you can't know where you're going unless you know where you've been.  This week, DJDeedle fires the retro rockets, propelling you both backward and forward at the same time.  On your mark. Get set. Retro go!

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This week, full-flavored disco.  All the complex textures and flavors of classic and modern disco combine to bring you a banquet of sumptuous beats (not "beets").  Sweet, sour, salty, and 100% fresh. 

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Initially, the "Me Generation" referred to the Baby Boomers, who, during the 60s, 70s, and 80s experienced a period of self-realization, self-fulfillment, and even self-involvement.  This era produced some of the most amazing self indulgent music, and these sounds are all part of that new spirit of individualism pioneered by the "Me Generation."   Now, a new generation, the millennials, has been dubbed not merely the "Me Generation" but the "ME ME ME Generation."  It's time to see what these two generations dedicated to self-realization and instant gratification can generate together!

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Your radio's been boosted! Don't worry. DJDeedle is returning it to you hotter than ever. Purloined sounds from radio stations across the dial, hot hits, new and old, merge together to bring you the most combustible sound around.

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Hot time! Summer in the city can be so much fun.  The mean streets generate a mean sound.  This week, DJDeedle captures the very essence of those mean city vibes.  Immerse yourself in the gritty, bluesy summer city scene. 

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Whether it's family or graduating classes, summer is "Reunion" time.  Time to get together with long lost relations and chums, folks you haven't seen for awhile, and see just how much they've changed.  This week, those old favorites have returned, but like your high school classmates, they've changed quite a bit. Some have updated their look. Some have had complete makeovers.  But they've all had some work done, if you know what I mean.

This week's "Reunion" is full of surprises. 

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At last, it's here!  Windows Phone owners can now get their weekly dose of Deedlecast on their phones and tablets using the new Windows Phone App.  It's available at:

Like the Android and iOS Deedlecast apps, Windows app owners get their weekly show a day earlier than everyone else.  Face the music on Thursday rather than waiting until Friday.

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Perfectly timed. Perfectly tuned.  DJDeedle applies some rationality and reason to the elements to this week's Deedlecast, and an extraordinary and fascinating groove is the only logical result.  Let logic and reason rule the day.

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