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Back in April 2011, DJDeedle got you "Wired 4 Sound." The full-on, hi-fi, hardwired Deedlecast sound you love.   Flash back to that classic Deedlecast. 

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DJDeedle loves 80s tunes, and back in August 2012 DJDeedle saluted that decadent decade filled with scandal, greed, self indulgence -- and absolutely wicked music.  Those naughty 80s beats you love are some of the most enduring in all of music. Experience them again, but with a well earned 21st Century update, courtesy of DJDeedle.

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Back in October of 2008, DJDeedle took us all to school for a little hip-hop education.  Simply press "1" for Old Skool Hip-Hop.  

A word of warning:  This Classic Deedlecast contains adult language and is for advanced students only.  Freshmen should probably take an intro course or two first.  

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On September 3, 2010, DJDeedle joined the "Space Race."  In this classic Deedlecast, DJDeedle saluted the golden age of manned space exploration in that always unique Deedlecast way.  Fire your retro rockets back to the sound of the "Space Race."

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Remember back in October of 2008 when DJDeedle reinvented radio?  Good times.  If you can't quite recall, here it is again.  Times are always a-changin' - especially for radio.  Check it out via the link below or using the media player.

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The first in DJDeedle's flashbacks is one of his very favorite Deedlecasts, "Tuning in Around the World," which aired on August 27, 2007.  Whether you're in Iowa, Hawaii, Oregon, Wake Island, Canada, Argentina, or anywhere else in the world, DJDeedle appreciates that you've turned on to Deedlecast for all these years.  

Those of you who have started tuning in since 2007 and may have missed this episode the first time around will love it.  Those who've been with Deedlecast all these years will no doubt enjoy hearing this old favorite again.  

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As we close in on 8 years of weekly Deedlecast, DJDeedle has decided to take a short break to recharge his creative engines, upgrade his technology, and re-engage his musical muses.  That just means a little hiatus from weekly production. But he'll never make you face a Friday without facing the music.  So, each Friday during the hiatus he'll be highlighting classic shows from the archives, remastered works, and other "lost" episodes.  

With over 400 episodes and singles, there's much to choose from.  Because of the great volume of shows in the archive, Deedlecast's RSS feed only goes back 200 or so shows, so those of you who have subscribed to the podcast in the past few years may have missed some of these gems.  All the shows are available on  But, unfortunately, given the limits of technology, those subscribing via iTunes and other podcast apps may not be able to capture some of the earlier shows directly to their devices.  In the next few weeks while DJDeedle works under the hood tweaking and upgrading Deedlecast and, enjoy these classic flashbacks.

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Everyone needs a break now and then, and DJDeedle's no exception.  As Deedlecast closes in on the end of its eighth year, DJDeedle's going to take a little hiatus from weekly production.  This week's show has all the quick changes and fast breaks you love.  This final Deedlecast of 2013, "Fast Break," will be the last new show for a bit while DJDeedle enjoys a little hiatus, a creative vacation.  

Don't worry. You'll still be able to face the music every Friday, even while DJDeedle's resting.  Each week during the break, we'll feature a classic Deedlecast, remastered and re-released.  The break will be a great time for those of you who've tuned in for years to rehear some of those great old shows.  For those of you who are newer to Deedlecast, you can discover some great shows from the archive that you've missed.  

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Here's a special little stocking stuffer for you on Christmas eve.  DJDeedle's woven together the sounds of the season into a short mix that's chill and cool at the same time.  A real wintry mix.  

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It's that time again, time for DJDeedle's annual holiday special. And as he's done every year, DJDeedle really knows how to move those familiar and nostalgic sounds of the season around to make them just a bit more interesting, and a lot more fun. With a little help from Deedlecast, your season's going to be very bright, indeed. 

Whether you're laughing through the snow or at the beach, your holiday is about to get cool, seriously seasonally cool.  

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