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Back in July 2008, things were pretty bleak.  The economy was in the toilet, gas prices were at an all time high, wages were falling, the housing bubble burst, and the stock market sagging. Consumers were really feeling the pinch.  DJDeedle implemented his own stimulus package, slashing tempos, dropping keys, and cutting and splicing, well, everything.  "Down, Down, Down" is back, remixed and remastered for 2014.  It's guaranteed to raise your spirits, if not your 401(k) or house value, this Deedlecast has all the elements you need for a strong recovery!

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Summer has arrived and it's going to be a hot one.  So, you'd better own the heat before it owns you.  This week, DJDeedle ignites the season with a hot new mix to set your summer on fire.  

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A recording made by Thomas Edison in 1877 has long been thought to be the first artificially recorded sound.  It turns out the first recordings were made in 1860 by Frenchman, Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville, using a Phonautograph.  The recording medium was merely paper covered in soot, so the sound literally emerges from smoke.   As a result of advances in audio technology, these phonautograph recordings can now be heard again using lasers which do not damage or degrade these precious artifacts.  

This Deedlecast is a remastered and remixed ("refixed") version of the classic Deedlecast, "Phonautograph," which aired on June 20, 2008.  "Phonautograph" starts with the very first sound ever recorded using the phonautograph (albeit altered quite a bit by dj magic).  There are some other similarly altered phonautographic bits and pieces sprinkled throughout the show.

Learn more about the phonautograph. 

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This Deedlecast gem from 2007 has been begging for a facelife using more modern technology for re-release in 2014.  "Music for Murder" is back with a little modern makeover. Remixed, remasterd, and completely refitted.  It's mood music in a jugular vein. Truly, to die for!  

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No need to pull out your change for this jukebox.  The tunes are on DJDeedle.   This week DJDeedle brings you a selection of heroes of the jukebox.  This classic Deedlecast from 2009 has been remastered from the original 160kbps to glorious 320kbps sound for 2014.  

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BREAKING: Fresh new sound from the Deedlecast Studios this week.  DJDeedle's taken his break and is back again with brand new mixes and mashes for 2014.  

Deedlecast is back! Spread the news!

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Everyone gets the blues sometimes, particularly in the cold winter months.  The blues don't have to be a bad thing, so long as they are electric blues.  This week, turn up the heat, and go electric - Electric Blue.


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The rebellious sounds of alternative rock and funk join forces this week, combining their strengths into a complex groove.  Electric bass and drums move front and center, with the distinctive beat of funk rock, funkcore, and electrofunk moving nicely through the mix. 

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Ancient yet modern, inviting yet forbidding, well studied yet mysterious, our planet's largest continent is a a tapestry of contrasts and contradictions, sewn together with hidden harmonies and unexpected ideas.  This week, a report from Deedlecast's Asia Bureau provides a glimpse of where the sweeping Asian epic has been and where it is going.


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This week, we're on full automatic in the hands of the computers.  Just sit back, and let DJDeedle and his processors do all the work.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.


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