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This week, DJDeedle takes away some of the distracting bells and whistles and brings your music a little clarity.  Simple, accessible, and totally clear.  

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Saturday Night Jive

Saturday night's the zippiest night of the week.  It's the night when you can leave the worries of work far behind, go out on the town, and have fun. Live up a little.  With this week's show you can get that Saturday night jive you need any day of the week.  

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High Energy Transmission (2015 Refix)

High energy particles are headed your way this week on Deedlecast. A wormhole from April 2008 has opened up and a remixed and remastered version of the classic "High Energy Transmission" is blasting 2015.  

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Swing Set

Winter's grip is breaking and it's time to come out and play.  DJDeedle's put together swing, blues, acid, and all that jazz into a set that's sure to warm up the first day of spring.  


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Who can save the Earth from the tyranical Ming the Merciless?  Why Flash Gordon, of course.  A 1930's sci-fi hero in 80s style transported to 2015 for your musical pleasure. Flash. He saved every one of us!   

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This week, DJDeedle fires up the old funk machine.  That funky beat we all know an love is back again in full force and funky effect.  Go ahead, crank up the "Funk-Omatic." Fully functional. Full-on fun.  

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Vicious Gossip

I don't like to spread rumors, but I heard that this week's Deedlecast is just a collection of "Vicious Gossip."  They say gossip is the devil's radio.  If that's true, let's turn up the volume a little.

If you don't have something nice to say about someone, come sit by me.  

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Nine Tenths

This week, we celebrate nine years of Deedlecast.  That's 468 Fridays we've faced the music together since our humble beginning in 2006.  Today's show not only celebrates our nine tenths of a decade of Deedlecast, but also launches season ten, the show's final season.  

We still have a full year left to face the music together.  Let's celebrate!  

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Wicked & Lazy

DJDeedle's been a little wicked an lazy this week and hasn't mixed you a brand new Deedlecast.  This week's show is a never before aired mix put together back in 2008, but for some reason got left on the shelf.  So, as we approach Deedlecast's 9th anniversary, DJDeedle's sharing this "lost" mix.  

Welcome to the house of the "Wicked & Lazy."

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Music in Your Head

That music in your head - don't tune it out, revel in it.  Music is a language we all understand, and that tune in your head is trying to tell you something.  Give it your full attention!

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