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Every now and again, you should immerse yourself in pure sound.  This week, DJDeedle brings you the sounds of now and then to get your blood pumping, your mind focused, and your spirit cleansed.  No matter what the clock says, it's always the right time for "Now&Again." 

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It's going to be another one of those crazy old nights.  We're going to find out what turns on your lights. This week, a classic collection of old and new, wild and tame.  In between the dark and the light, you'll find a "Wild Nite." 

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What makes a groove epic?  Well, it should be timeless, moving, and thoroughly unique and engaing.  It should draw you in and mesmerize you from the first to the final note. But most importantly, it should be a groove everyone can get down to. Every week, DJDeedle delivers you something epic.  This week, Epic Groove. 

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Ah the old mixtape.  Before there were itunes playlists or CD-ROMs, we patiently sat in front of our tape decks and turntables making sentimental, methodical, and thoughtful mixes in real-time. No sterile dragging and dropping digital files. We listened to every note, pouring our hearts into making every millimeter of tape count, every second of time meaningful before the dreaded finality of the hiss of the end of the tape.  So here it is. A simulacrum of and a requiem to those simpler analog days.  Press play on the Tape Deck. Be transported.  

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The sounds of the past and the present meet to become the sound of the future.  The future doesn't have to suck, because it is what we make it.  Segue seamlessly between now and then, and find yourself in "FutuRetro." 

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This week, a slammin' jam filled with amazing jazz, funk, bossa nova, disco, pop, hip-hop.  So cool it's hot. A glamorous collection of complete and utter "Jamnation." 

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It's definitely time to get away from all that drama and stress going on. Escape to "The Loft" and chill out.  Run into old friends. Meet new ones.  Shut down the anxiety. Furlough your worries.  It's time to rise above it all in "The Loft."

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All aboard! It's time to catch The Thunder Line.  The Thunder Line is the fast train to the rock music you love, with stops in Classic, Metal, Pop, and Punk.  An express train to all the best places to rock in Funky Town.  No ticket required!

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Deedlecast studios are powered by an array of solar panels. That means each and every Deedlecast is infused with the power of the tropical Kauai sun.  Though you won't need sunscreen, like the island sun, this week's Deedlecast can be intense.   At last, a renewable and clean source of electronic dance music.  

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You know you've always wanted to kow what it was like on the other side. Don't try to run. Don't try to hide. This week, at long last you have your chance to break on through to the other side.  

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