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Wicked & Lazy

DJDeedle's been a little wicked an lazy this week and hasn't mixed you a brand new Deedlecast.  This week's show is a never before aired mix put together back in 2008, but for some reason got left on the shelf.  So, as we approach Deedlecast's 9th anniversary, DJDeedle's sharing this "lost" mix.  

Welcome to the house of the "Wicked & Lazy."

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Music in Your Head

That music in your head - don't tune it out, revel in it.  Music is a language we all understand, and that tune in your head is trying to tell you something.  Give it your full attention!

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Bond Street

Bond film franchise has been with us for fifty years now. The actors, the plots, the villains, and the "Bond girls" have all changed so much since the first film aired in 1962. But no matter the decade, the music of the films has remained a vital part of the action, adventure, glamor, and Bond mystique.  

This week's Deedlecast takes aim at all those great Bond songs. Take a stroll down "Bond Street" and relive 50 years of shaken, not stirred.  

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5th Power

This week, Deedlecast takes it exponential - raising the fun to the fifth power. Put your pocket calculators away.  DJDeedle handles all the hard math so you don't have to.  

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Sonic Work

It's time to get down to work. The sonic kind.  DJDeedle's put together a collection of sounds to get you on your feet, keep you moving, and blowing up your fitbit.  

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Push Comes to Shove

You don't always have to push. But when you do, push it real good.  This week's Deedlecast pushes it to the limit.  Get up on this!

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Boogie Paradise

This first Deedlecast of 2015 is a trip to paradise, sure to get your feet moving and clear away those cold winter blues. Join the party in paradise, already in progress.   

Let DJDeedle take you to where the sound is always lush, warm, and full of energy. Welcome to “Boogie Paradise.”   

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Entertainment Value

It's the day after Christmas and it's time to enjoy all those nifty new things you received.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's Deedlecast for pure "Entertainment Value."  

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Ho Ho Ho(t)

Whether you're expecting a white Christmas, or a green and tropical one like DJDeedle, your holiday season is about to get hot.  The holidays wouldn't be the same without the annual Deedlecast take on yuletide tunes. Consider this the cayenne for your Christmas, or the jalapeño for your Hanukkah.  

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Shoot The Moon

42 years ago this week, the US landed its final manned mission to the moon, Apollo 17.  Sending humans to the moon was at the time, and still may be, humankind's greatest achievement yet.  What does it take to “shoot the moon?" Motivation, a good plan, and above all good people.  This week, Deedlecast aims high, and shoots for the moon.  Always aim high.

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