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This week, it's time to return to those time-worn and much loved classics.  A little classic Beethoven and baroque Bach mixed with the classics of today.  

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Express Elevator

This week, Deedlecast gets you higher faster.  No stops. No delays. Directly to where you want to go.

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Mystic Herbal Encounter

Thise week, ancient herbal wisdom from the East infused in your ears. DJDeedle brings you fresh music harvested and handled in the way of the ancient Eastern masters. An herbal infusion of the highest quality guaranteed to send you on a "Mystical Herbal Encounter."   

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Full Contrast Sound

This week, full contrast sound. Highs and lows, fast and slow, contemporary and classic, all in stark relief and full definition sound.   

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Keepin' On

People keep on learnin' and the world keeps on turnin'.  The music keeps on playin'.  Never stop. Never give up. No matter what, keep on "Keepin' On."   


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Altogether Now

The Beatles are back on Deedlecast! None of that old fashioned stuff, though. These Beatles tunes are "Altogether Now."  



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Side Effects

Music is medicine. And like all medicines, there are few side effects. This week’s Deedlecast has some delightful ones. You may experience an elevated mood, or an uncontrollable urge to smile, shake your booty, and cut loose. You may also lose track of time, forget your worries, and fall in love with music again.  


Of course, if you should experience an erection lasting longer than four hours, definitely seek medical assistance! 

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Freak On

Can you hear the disco call?  DJDeedle has declared that it's time to get your freak on! 

This week, Deedlecast is heeding the disco call. Chock full of classic disco beats. funky rhythms, freaky combinations.  It's time to get down and get your freak on.  

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Flip-Hop Curiosity Shop

There's something curious about this broadcast.  Step into DJDeedle's Flip-Hop Curiosity Shop and explore the exotic and the unlikely, the magical and the mystical, the bizarre and outlandish.  This hip hop has been flipped, filleted, and fried for your dining and dancing pleasure.  

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20/20 Vision

No need to grab your glasses or adjust your contact lenses, because this week everything is in full focus and crisp contrast.  You've got full, high definition resolution from any angle.  

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