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In September of 2008, long before iRobot was just some silly vacuum cleaner that scares the cat, DJDeedle brought you iRobot the Deedlecast.  DJDeedle knew then that even robots need music. Not unlike ourselves, songs of love, loneliness, lust, loyalty, longing, and loss nourish their circuits and gears.  That classic sound is back again, remixed and remastered for 2014.

No matter what kind of robot you happen to be, this Deedlecast will speak to you. All robots depicted in this Deedlecast are purely fictional, and have no relation to me. 

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It's all new an just out of the box.  A shiny new mix from the Deedlecast beatbox to get your August started on the right note.  Don't let the summer heat get you down. Turn on the Beatbox for a breath of fresh air.  

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Don't be afraid to get close to the sun.   Our star gives us life, light, and nourishment, and inspires us to reach for its warmth, to attain perihelion.

Join DJDeedle as he chills in the warmth of the sun.  

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DJDeedle doesn't know what planet you're on, but he wants to be on it with you.  This week #Deedlecast reprises that January 2009 mission to the mysterious and marvelous "Planet X."  

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Sometimes to get the result you want, you have to play a little good-cop-bad-cop: the hard with the soft, the rough with the smooth, the gentle with the cruel.  This week's Deedlecast plays all those cards and breaks down even the toughest veneer, the most hardened felon, the baddest riff, the blackest beat.  Before listening to this show, you may want to call your lawyer.   

Enjoy this remastered and remixed Deedlecast classic from December 2009.  

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This all new Deedlecast does for sound what a kaleidoscope does for colors. Vivid, rich, amazing patterns emerge from the most unlikely combinations of simple elements.  

Now you can have kaleidoscope ears to go with those famous kaleidoscope eyes.


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In October 2009, Deedlecast Laboratories cooked up a collection of beats ranging from the rock, reggae, and R&B variety to beat break, metal, dub, hipop, and jazz. This little beat experiment is back, remastered, remixed, and better than ever.

Remember, as Richard Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the Bucky Ball,  famously said, “There is no such thing as a failed experiment, only experiments with unexpected outcomes.”

This week's Deedlecast experiment is just one of those unexpected outcomes. 

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DJDeedle has to leave his tropical island paradise for a quick trip to an island of entirely different sort: Manhattan.  Join him as we revisit this classic Deedlecast from 2008, "Loving New York," remastered and remixed for 2014

There are as many ways to love New York as there are things to love about New York.  One of the things DJDeedle loves about New York is its sound.  In the same way the city's diverse inhabitants mix and mingle in to make New York one of the most extraordinary places on Earth, the diverse sounds and musical styles of the city, from the refined and classic to the gritty and cutting edge, come together into something compelling and fresh.  


Just how do you love New York?


Warning:  New York style language throughout this Deedlecast. 

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Back in July 2008, things were pretty bleak.  The economy was in the toilet, gas prices were at an all time high, wages were falling, the housing bubble burst, and the stock market sagging. Consumers were really feeling the pinch.  DJDeedle implemented his own stimulus package, slashing tempos, dropping keys, and cutting and splicing, well, everything.  "Down, Down, Down" is back, remixed and remastered for 2014.  It's guaranteed to raise your spirits, if not your 401(k) or house value, this Deedlecast has all the elements you need for a strong recovery!

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Summer has arrived and it's going to be a hot one.  So, you'd better own the heat before it owns you.  This week, DJDeedle ignites the season with a hot new mix to set your summer on fire.  

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