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This first Deedlecast of 2015 is a trip to paradise, sure to get your feet moving and clear away those cold winter blues. Join the party in paradise, already in progress.   

Let DJDeedle take you to where the sound is always lush, warm, and full of energy. Welcome to “Boogie Paradise.”   

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It's the day after Christmas and it's time to enjoy all those nifty new things you received.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy this week's Deedlecast for pure "Entertainment Value."  

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Whether you're expecting a white Christmas, or a green and tropical one like DJDeedle, your holiday season is about to get hot.  The holidays wouldn't be the same without the annual Deedlecast take on yuletide tunes. Consider this the cayenne for your Christmas, or the jalapeño for your Hanukkah.  

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42 years ago this week, the US landed its final manned mission to the moon, Apollo 17.  Sending humans to the moon was at the time, and still may be, humankind's greatest achievement yet.  What does it take to “shoot the moon?" Motivation, a good plan, and above all good people.  This week, Deedlecast aims high, and shoots for the moon.  Always aim high.

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Don't settle for ordinary music. Join "The Movement."  Let the sound inspire you to create a better world.  

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Thanksgiving is behind us, and the stressful and busy holiday season is in full swing.  DJDeedle directs you to take it easy, relax, have a little fun.  This week's "Beat Directive" is all about getting you moving, bringing your stress level down, and above all having fun.  



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This week, classic radio sound with a DJDeedle twist.  Get it right away. Don't settle for second best, get Radio Express.  

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Moxie. Either you have it or you don't.  This week, DJDeedle'd added a healthy dose of Moxie to your weekly dose of do-si-do.  So, get ready for big tunes, big fun, and big surprizes.  


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It's time to live your life in HiFi.  This week, an all new #Deedlecast in hi-def hi-fi.  DJDeedle's applied new technologies and techniques to bring the clearest, cleanest, sound for your musical enjoyment.



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It's Halloween, and DJDeedle has produced a Deedlecast to frighten and delight. The horror movie genre has brought us so many deliciously terrifying moments, Deedle just couldn't pass up exploring the music of horror films.  DJDeedle's used all kinds of black magic to revamp this classic show from Halloween 2009.



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