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Deedlecast - Reunion2016


It's class reunion time again!  This week, Deedlecast salutes the class of 1986 by bringing back those beloved sounds from the 1980s once again.  Of course, these reminiscent tunes aren't exactly as you heard them on your LPs and cassette tapes.  This mixtape has the benefit of 30 years of technology to give them that little extra something. 80s tunes aren't oldies! The 80s still rule. 

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Now listen to this! Deedlecast is back with the usual unusual sound you love. No need to decode what's being said, it's all spoken in tongues and will be clear to you by the end of the show! 


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Guilty Feet

George Michael tells us that guilty feet have got no rhythm.  He is so wrong.  This week, DJDeedle takes us back to the 80s, with one guilty foot firmly planted in 2016.  Get those guilty feet moving.  

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Vegas Strip

This week, flashy sounds, incredible showmanship, and totally over-the-top rhythms.  Just like Las Vegas.  It's got all the bells and whistles, including Elvis! 


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Solid 4

Deedlecast is back and better than ever.  This week, it's time to bounce to the Solid 4 in everything from swingtime jazz to hip-hop, pop, and classic rock. What's the "solid four?" you ask. It's just the subtle but vital pulse of swing, the big bands, the big band era, and the great majority of jazz solos that aspire to true greatness. The Andrews Sisters sure knew what they were talking about with their couplet: "Beat me Daddy, 8 beats to the Bar" followed by "Bounce Me Brother with a Solid 4."


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Decade (Celebrate Ten Years of Deedlecast)

It's the party of the decade! This week, we celebrate ten years of Deedlecast. That's 520 Fridays we've faced the music together.  Deedlecast has covered a lot of musical territory over the decade, and this week DJDeedle has put together a collection of some, but, most definitely not all, of his favorite Deedlecast sounds from shows past.  A retrospective of sorts.  

Programming note: "Decade" is NOT the final Deedlecast, but does mark the last weekly Deedlecast. Don't worry! Deedlecast will go on, but on a less regular schedule. 

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Pure Spite

Ever done anything out of pure spite? It's okay. It's only natural. This week, in spite of the guilt, DJDeedle's been messing with your favorite tunes out of pure spite. 

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DJDeedle makes those musical connections so you don't have to. Sit back and relax. Let Deedlecast put together those sounds in the most unexpected and surprising ways.  It's all about the connections.  

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Solid State

This week, dub step, electronica and a variety of your favorite sounds. Top quality construction, precision solid state components, hand tooled to perfection. Pure fun. Pure energy. Solid as a rock.  

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This month, the high priest of pop, everyone's favorite starman, the Earth's first space invader left our lives.  But he didn't depart without leaving us his magic "Stardust."  

This week, DJDeedle salutes David Bowie, a musical genius from another planet who inspired so many.  

A hui hou, Ziggy Stardust! 

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