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Deedlecast's Sound Returns to Body Smith
This week, the unique sounds of Deedlecast return to Body Smith, DJDeedle's training gym.  Deedle's tunes have been missing from the gym for some months while Body Smith made some modifications and upgrades to its sound system.  Now, as before, at various times throughout the day, new, unaired Deedlecasts, as well as some old favorites can be heard on both floors throughout the 14th Street location.  If you hear something that's not what you expected, expect that it is Deedlecast.  

If you happen to live in DC or the DC area and would like to get started at Body Smith, either location, contact DJDeedle using this link, and he'll hook you up with some free sessions.  Check out both locations online at:

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DJDeedle Workout

Body Smith, located at 1622 14th Street NW in Washington, DC's Logan Circle, is like a second home to DJDeedle (some might say like a second mortgage as well).  The experts in physical fitness, training, and nutrition at Body Smith have for seven plus years now kept your dj lifting, jumping, climbing, crunching, curling, pressing, etc., all at the same time keeping him safe, balanced, and free from injury.  Most importantly, though, his expert friends at Body Smith have given him consistent and salutary results. 

DJDeedle is honored to announce that, in order to spice the ambience up a bit, Body Smith will now be playing Deedlecasts and other music selected by DJDeedle on both levels of the gym.  In the near future, Body Smith will also offer ipods for clients to check out while they run, bike, or otherwise exercise. 

Please stop by the Body Smith website and check out the training options, boxing and yoga classes, as well as the nutrition and massage services.  Or stop by the gym in Logan Circle for a tour.  Tell them you're a friend of the DJ! 

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